Not in Caroline Bay

I was supposed to be in Caroline Bay today with lytteltonwitch and awhina and co, but the weather has packed in again, so we decided this morning to postpone the expedition, probably until Tuesday. So instead I spent the morning reading the new Terry Pratchett book I got for Christmas, Wintersmith, and the rest of the day will probably be spent like most of this week has, playing The Sims (I’m not obsessed, really I’m not! :-)).

We’ve been experimenting with our new panini press, although so far we haven’t actually used it for toasting paninis 🙂 I can report, though, that it makes very good ordinary toasted sandwiches, and burritos work well too, and the other night, remembering the very yummy toasted souvlaki that we used to get from a takeaway in Papanui (unfortunately since closed down), we got some ordinary souvlaki from the kebab place up the road and experimented with toasting it, which worked well once we’d figured out how to keep the pita bread from unrolling before we got the lid down. I’m sure we’ll quickly get bored with eating toasted stuff and it’ll be consigned to the back of the cupboard with the other gadgets, but for now we’re having fun trying out different breads and fillings.

I’ve had a few good catches lately: The Golden Fruits by Nathalie Sarraute, which I released in Napier, was found in Mt Maunganui, and is now on its way to Queensland; The Later Adventures of Tom Jones by Bob Coleman was caught in Wedderburn, and The Last Innocent Man by Phillip M. Margolin was caught in Wellington.

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  1. Panini!

    Oh my. One of the best sandwiches I ever ate was a roasted eggplant panini with sun dried tomatoes and muenster cheese….with spinach as the greens.

    My mouth waters just thinking about it…..

    I’ll be right over. I’ll bring fresh spinach from the garden!!!! Yes, it IS growing even in this cold!


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