Dinner with the boreals

Boreal and Mr Boreal are in Christchurch at the moment, so she PMed me on Friday to see if we could arrange a meetup. Sunday night looked like the only possible time, so I contacted the local Bookcrossers, and despite the last minute organisation, we managed to get together a small meetup (me, the boreals, Alithia, and lytteltonwitch) at a Chinese restaurant near where the boreals are staying. A pretty good meetup (despite the best efforts of the restaurant to spoil it with poor service and mediocre food), and I think boreal found it helpful, because she had lots of last minute worries about the upcoming BCNZ Convention, which she’s organising, and lytteltonwitch and I, being old hands 🙂 at convention organising, were able to give her a few suggestions, and more importantly, reassure her that she and her team really are doing the job well, and haven’t forgotten anything as far as we can see, and that the convention really will be a roaring success.

The boreals had stopped in to visit otakuu on the way past, and she’d given them a few books to bring up for us. I got Expensive Habits by Peter Mayle and a really lovely book of cat paintings (which wasn’t registered). And of course, I passed on a few books at the meetup: The Impossible Ride by Louise Sutherland, One for the Morning Glory by John Barnes, Lightly Poached by Lillian Beckwith, and Star Wars: Cloak of Deception by James Luceno, plus I released Old World Encounters by Jerry H. Bentley as we were leaving the restaurant.

After the meal, we retired to the boreals’ motel (which was right next door – that was how we’d chosen the restaurant) for coffee and more chat, and lytteltonwitch handed over her top secret contribution to the convention (all will be revealed on the Saturday night – all I can say now it’s going to be a great enhancement to the general fun!)

The countdown to the convention has begun…

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