John Campbell features Bookcrossing

Bookcrossing was featured on John Campbell’s programme on TV3 last night – an Auckland bookcrosser (I think it was Innes – they didn’t give her screenname) has been releasing books in memory of Bronwyn Tate, a NZ author who died recently, and they had a segment on her wandering around Auckland releasing books. It should be a good publicity boost, so I made a point this morning of releasing a few books on my way into work – hopefully people who saw Campbell’s show last night will see the books and remember the item, and be more likely to go to the site and journal them. We’ll see…

The books I released were:
Samuel Pepys: The Years of Peril by Arthur Bryant
Storymakers 3 edited by Anthony Adams and Esmor Jones
The Night the Rain Came In by Jennifer Wayne
Nude in Nevada by Thomas B Dewey

Currently reading: Stancliffe’s Hotel by Charlotte Brontë

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