The unblurred versions

I wasn’t totally happy with the lettering – I didn’t have time to properly graph out my own lettering, so I just copied an alphabet from a book – it didn’t look too bad on paper, but didn’t look great once I’d sewn it. Unfortunately, by the time I realised that, it was too late to unpick it and start again 🙁

Oh well, hopefully it will look a bit better once the fabric’s been stretched back into shape.

[album 128913 knight16.JPG thumblink]

[album 128913 knightdone.JPG thumblink]

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  1. Oh my goodness! I just read all that to Mr Kimi, and we’ve both been groaning in sympathy! Poor Mr Ploppy.

    I’m glad he got there eventually. But oh, how nervous he’ll be when it comes time to head home again!

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