For Discoverylover (or anyone else who likes really good hot chocolate)

Great news, Discoverylover – I found the recipe!  (For the benefit of everyone else, a bit of backstory: last time I was up in Wellington, Discoverylover introduced me to an Italian restaurant where the food is good, but the real attraction is their hot chocolates, which are thick and rich and just like the ones I had in Venice.  And recently I stumbled upon a recipe for hot chocolate that, when I tried it out, turned out to be almost exactly like the ones they make at that restaurant.  So sharing it here for Discoverylover, but everyone else should try it too, because it is seriously good hot chocolate!)
For 2-3 servings (seriously, you’ll look at the quantities and think this will only be enough for one person, but you want to serve this in very small cups – it’s incredibly rich!):

250ml milk
65g Whittaker’s Dark Ghana (or other very high cocoa content dark chocolate), broken into small pieces
1 Tbsp soft brown sugar
Heat milk gently in a saucepan, but don’t let it get to a boil.
Once it’s warm, remove from the heat and stir in the chocolate until it is all melted.
Return to the heat, and simmer (on a very low heat – it should be only just simmering) for 2-3 minutes, stirring constantly.  It should end up quite thick – not quite to custard consistency, but getting close.
Add brown sugar and stir in until dissolved.
Serve in tiny cups 🙂

It does take a bit of effort to make, but it is worth it!  And if you’re just making it for yourself, you can still make the full recipe – just refrigerate what you don’t drink, and rewarm it the next day – it’s just as good 🙂
PS. I can’t remember where I found this recipe (it was on one of those websites you get to when you randomly follow a link which leads you to another link which leads you to another link, and then you find an interesting-sounding recipe and scribble it down roughly on a bit of paper, and then months later find the bit of paper again and decide to try it out and it turns out to be magic but you don’t know where it came from), and I haven’t really changed anything (other than converting the measurements to metric, probably), so technically I’ve plagiarised it by posting it here.  Apologies to the original chef for stealing your recipe – if I could remember who you are, I’d give you credit, and link rather than repost – sorry!

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing! I’ll definitely be trying this at some point in the future! The real trick will be remembering this recipe when I want something hot to drink, rather than my current need for anything around freezing temperature!

      1. As the current health and safety manager at my work, today I got to make the awesome announcement that we were relaxing the dress code AND getting ice blocks in for everyone! So definitely NOT hot chocolate weather right now.

        1. Can you come and be our health and safety manager please? (Not that we have much of a dress code, but the iceblocks would have been a very good idea!)

          1. OMG I made this tonight (woo cooler weather) and it\’s delicious (although maybe a little too sweet for my liking, I think I\’ll use less sugar next time)!!

  2. Also if anyone is wondering, the Italian restaurant referenced is called Scopa!
    I also forgot to mention that I went to Scopa recently and got the next size up (a coffee cup (not a mug)) and it was too much, so the shot glass size is definitely the right size.

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