Quilts in progress report

(With apologies for the terrible photographs – I keep forgetting that the lighting in the study in winter isn’t particularly conducive to getting colour-accurate photos.  On the plus side, I have managed to reinstall decent photo-editing software, so at least I could crop and resize them without too much pain…)

The jelly roll race quilt is quilted! Although the quilting doesn’t actually show up all that well in the photo. It looks pretty good in person though. So all I need to do is the binding, and it’ll be finished.
It’s the first biggish quilt I’ve quilted on my new table, and it’s definitely a lot easier moving a big quilt around on the machine when everything’s at the same level. Of course, because nothing is ever simple in my life, I’ve now run into a problem with the thread shredding when I quilt in a particular direction, which I’ve read can either be a sign there’s damage to the throat plate or the bobbin holder of my machine, or it can just be caused by using the wrong size needle. I really really hope it’s just the needle – if not, the sewing machine might be taking another trip back to the repair shop… (or I could just never quilt anything in that direction – might make curves a bit tricky, of course)

I also finished putting together the top for the Three Dudes quilt. Well, sort of finished it – I can’t decide whether I want to add a border to it or not. It looks a bit unfinished without a border, but if I do put a border on, I’m not sure what fabric to use (ideally, I’d use one of the fabrics in the quilt, but I can’t find anyone in NZ selling that fabric line, and the postage for buying it from overseas would be ridiculous). This is the disadvantage of using precuts for a quilt – if you add in some random other fabric that’s not from that fabric line, it’s really obvious.
This has been a really complainy sort of blog post, hasn’t it?

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  1. Your quilts are beautiful, and love the summer colours. Unsure which one I like the best. Well done sweetheart. Am fascinated by the jelly roll quilt, and that’s the way the colours turned out without you having to organise them? Why the name Three Dudes for the other quilt? I do like the pattern and again the happy smiling colours.

    1. Thanks – want one?
      Yep, that’s exactly how the jelly roll race came out with no planning – I just put the strips together pretty much in the order they came off the roll, and the sewing process magically mixes them all up like that.
      The other quilt is called Three Dudes because that’s what they called it on the YouTube video where I got the idea from – I think maybe it’s the name of the company that designed the original pattern for the block? My version of it is a bit different from how they did it in the video, and they’d said they’d changed it a bit from the original block too, so it’s probably a very long way from the original Three Dudes pattern now – I should probably change the name. How about Chain Link? I reckon it looks a bit like a chain link fence 🙂

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