1 hour and 49 minutes

Didn’t manage to get it done in the promised under an hour (it was actually closer to two), but I did get it done.

Most of that time was taken sewing the first very long seam (when you fold the super-long strip in half and sew down the entire length), and in untangling the knots it kept trying to tie itself into, but each subsequent seam got faster – both because they halve in length each time, and because the strips are getting wider so more manageable.
It’s definitely not a design for a control freak – once you start sewing you’ve got no control on where the different strips end up (though with a bit of calculation you could probably predict what would end up where, and plan the order of the strips accordingly), so sometimes you end up with the same or very similar fabrics next to each other, and there’s nothing you can do about it.  But that’s the point – it’s supposed to end up looking totally random.
There is some order in the chaos, though.  Because I used a jelly roll, all the strips were the same length, which meant my connecting triangles ended up in clusters.  I think if I made another one, I’d deliberately cut the strips different lengths, just to see what happened.
The red triangles don’t pop as much as I’d hoped, but that might just be the terrible lighting – it’s been a dark, rainy day today, so it was very dull when I took the photo. They’ll probably look different on a brighter day.
So now I’ve just got to quilt it…

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