But it's November!

This happens every year in Christchurch, but for some reason it always surprises us. We have a few nice warm days in October, we all decide it’s summer, and then are horribly shocked when the weather reverts back to cold and wet again.  This morning’s frost was a bit of a shock, though – according to Stuff (that well-known bastion of excellence in reporting… not) it’s the coldest November morning for 60 years.  But still, cold spells in November (or even December – the weather doesn’t really settle down for summer until after Christmas) are pretty normal for Christchurch. Spring isn’t so much a period of mild weather as a time of wildly alternating temperatures, where one day you’re sweltering in a nor’wester, and the next the southerly blows back in and you’re huddled up in coats and scarves again.  About the only thing you can be sure of is that Show Day will always be hot, with a strong nor’wester blowing the dust up.  Luckily, I’ll be in Auckland 🙂

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