A young but willing worker

We had the boss’s 15 year old son in the office today for work experience.  He actually did some really good work for us (after a bit of a false start when the computer he was using (which runs Linux – all the Windows machines in the office need you to log in with a university IT account, which of course he doesn’t have, and it wasn’t worth the effort of applying for an account for him just for one day, so we had to put him on the old Linux laptop) wouldn’t cooperate with the script he needed to run – I ended up sending him on a cake run while we sorted it out, so everyone in the office was pleased with that outcome :-)), and I think learnt a bit (although he already has some pretty good computer skills – he said he’s thinking of studying computer science when he comes to university).  He looked exhausted at the end of the day though – I suppose sitting in an office for 8 hours is a very long day for a teenager!

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