Lazy day

Ok, so I totally fail at family. I was talking to Dad this morning, and he mentioned that my step-sister had seen me at the Survivor Poetry event last weekend, and had said to pass on her apologies for not saying hello, because she’d been caught up talking to someone else so I’d left before she’d got a chance. I hadn’t even realised she was there – which is pretty awful, considering she was one of the competitors! She’d been standing right in front of me on stage reading her poetry, and I hadn’t even recognised her. Oops. In my defence, despite being technically family, it’s not like we know each other well – I’ve really only met her a handful of times, and that’s mostly been at big family events where there’s been loads of people, and it’s probably a couple of years since we last met, but it’s still a bit embarrassing, especially as she recognised me!
I’ve had a very lazy day today – it was lovely and sunny this morning, so I spent a fair chunk of it sitting in the sun reading, and another chunk playing on the computer because for once the study wasn’t impossibly cold.  Spring may actually be here!  (Although I’m not getting too complacent – Christchurch springs are notorious for starting off lovely and warm and then turning cold and wet just when you think summer’s about to arrive. But at least I can enjoy the nice weather while it’s here).
Tonight was the monthly meetup of the Christchurch bloggers – only a few people turned up, but it was a good night, full of interesting conversation (and best of all, Tartankiwi said that even though I didn’t win her challenge, she was very impressed by my efforts, and offered me the choice of one of her paper-piecing patterns as a consolation prize!  Now I’ve just got to choose which one… she’s got so many cool patterns in her Etsy shop.)

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    1. Interesting article. I don’t know that I’m so much in the forefront of the blogging revival as just haven’t caught up with the people who were all giving it up in the first place…

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