Zzzzzzz… ok, so I’m not actually that tired, but I couldn’t resist an excuse to use that dropcap 🙂 .  I am kind of sleepy though – I was out late-ish last night, and it was a bitterly cold night, so when I got home the house was freezing, which meant (despite the best efforts of hot water bottle and cat (actually, she was more annoying than warming)) I was never really warm all night, so I kept waking up to try and bundle more duvet around myself.  So yeah, a bit hard to wake up this morning.
The reason I was out late was that I was at a quiz night, a fund-raising event for a friend of a friend’s child’s sports team (one of those events where the parents are given a quota of tickets to sell, so end up forcing them on everyone they even vaguely know).  I was on a team with the Gwilks and some friends of theirs, and we had a fun night, even though we didn’t do great on answering the questions. We started out ok, and were actually in second place after the first couple of rounds, but then we hit a sports round (that’s when being a table full of geeks becomes a disadvantage – although I did actually manage to get one of the sports questions right, dredging from somewhere in the mysterious depths of my memory the fact that the John Deere Classic is a golf tournament, not tractor racing as my team-mates suggested 😉 ) and it all went downhill from there – in the end we didn’t even make it into the top five.  We did end up with a few prizes though – there were spot prizes, raffles and mystery auctions, and we did pretty well out of those between the six of us.  I won a food hamper in one of the raffles, as well as a spot prize of a pineapple (!?!).
Quiz night
The hamper’s contents proved to be an interesting selection – one of their sponsors was obviously the local supermarket, because along with the usual hamper goodies of snacks and chocolate, there were weirdly random grocery items like a jar of jam and a bottle of salad dressing…  Still, given that I spent a grand total of $8 on raffle tickets, I think I got my money’s worth 🙂

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