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After spending most of the morning cutting scraps of material into strips, and most of the afternoon sewing them back together again (who ever said quilting was a logical sort of hobby…), I’ve managed to complete a whole six blocks of my quilt.  Good thing I’m not working to a deadline this time!
Pretty pictures of the work in progress:

The stripes are deliberately all different widths, and occasionally on weird angles, and a random mish-mash of colours, so that there’s just that central stripe of the backing material (which is actually an old sheet cut up) to bring them together.  Hopefully it should look really colourful and interesting by the time I’ve finished all the squares and sewn them together.  I like the effect so far, anyway 🙂
The technique is quite fun, too – it’s a bit like paper piecing, but free-hand (and without the paper ;-)).  You basically just lay each strip face down and sew along the inside edge, then fold it over and iron it flat, then lay the next strip so that when it’s folded it will cover the raw edge of the previous one and so on.  Looks incredibly messy until you trim it back into a square again, then (I think, anyway) it suddenly looks really good – like a proper quilt square 🙂

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  1. I like it! Very bright and interesting!
    I think back in the day of our grandmothers and great-grandmothers and before, that it was a practical way to use old shirts and dresses to make warm bedcovers for the winter in poorly heated homes. Nowadays, when we buy fabric just for the purpose of cutting it up and resewing it, it does seem a little foolish, doesn’t it? But a creative, artistic outlet with beautiful results!

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