Sometimes spam makes me smile

The spambots have obviously discovered the new DD, posting weird random comments to random entries. Sometimes the total disconnect between entry and comment is amusing, in how blatantly obvious it is that a human reader was not part of the process.
A couple of examples from today:
“That is a thing I must find more information about, appreciate the article.” And the article in question was? Pictures of kittens. Yeah, not sure how much information you’ll find there…
“Could be difficult to find skilled people about this issue, but you sound like you understand what you are posting on! Regards” Bet you can’t guess what the issue was. Oh yeah, you can – it was pictures of kittens again. Pity about the world shortage of experts in pictures of kittens, but it’s ok, because I understand what I am posting on (unlike the spambot).
Amused me, anyway. For the 10 seconds before I deleted the spam.
(What’ll be really funny is to see what the spambots post on this one :-))

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  1. I wil make mention that on the old dd, if a diarist commented on our entries, their diary name was there and we could click on it and go to theirs and comment. Here, that doesn’t happen. I think it should. What about you?

    1. Yes, that was a nice feature. Of course, now that we can do proper threaded comments and reply to people’s comments on our own posts, we don’t need it for that reason so much, but I still like to be able to click through to the other person’s diary, just to find out more about them.
      Maybe we can put it on the wishlist for Steve.
      ^ ^

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