And then there were none

We had to have George put to sleep today 🙁
It was a bit of a shock.  He was fine a few days ago, but yesterday he was looking a bit sore, and didn’t eat anything all day.  So this morning we took him in to the vet, who said his bladder was very full, so he obviously had a blockage.  He thought we’d caught it in time, though, and said he’d keep George in so they could drain his bladder and put a catheter in until it cleared.  So we left George there, and I headed off to work, expecting all to be well.
But not long after, I got a phone call from MrPloppy.  The vet had rung, and the news wasn’t good.  They’d done a blood test, and the creatinine level was incredibly high, meaning his kidneys were failing.  The vet was actually surprised how bad it was, given that George hadn’t looked that ill when we brought him in.
Anyway, he said George’s chances were very slim.  He said there were some things he could try, but they would be very expensive and he didn’t think there was much chance they’d work, so he recommended we didn’t put George through any more.
So MrPloppy and I went back to the vet’s so we could say goodbye to George before they gave him the injection.  Then we brought him home and buried him in the garden (under a different bush than Ming and Saffy are under – we didn’t think Saffy would appreciate his company).
Goodbye George.  Glad we could give you a few good years after your difficult start in life.

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  1. Aww, I am so sorry! :<
    I am glad I got to meet him and honoured to have gained his trust enough for him to have sat on my lap and put up with my adorations. You have my deepest sympathies.

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