Plays and Parcels

The letterbox has been a source of surprises lately. First there was a blast from the past – a note from ORNOT (who we haven’t heard from for at least a year) attached to a flyer for a play. A play that he’d written and directed! The note offered us complementary tickets, so of course we immediately said yes.

We went to see the play on Friday night, and it turned out to be an adaptation of a play that had its first reading at our house, way back when ORNOT used to flat with us. It’s new incarnation is as a staged radio play, which sounds like a weird concept, but worked surprisingly well. I thought the play was fun (but then, ORNOT and I always did have a very similar sense of humour) – MrPloppy’s verdict was that it was “still incomprehensible” 🙂 A fun night out, anyway.

Another pleasant surprise today – a parcel from Lytteltonwitch, full of books (of course), a calendar from Venice, and a tiger puppet (or possibly it’s a cat – hard to tell). The books are ever-so-slightly themed: The Chocolate Cat Caper by Joanna Carl, Know Your Cat’s Purr Points by Margaret Woodhouse, Xenophobe’s Guide to the Kiwis by Christine Cole Catley and Simon Nicholson, and Shake, Rattle & Hurl by RL Stine.

Currently reading: How I Paid for College by Marc Acito
Currently listening to: A Passage to India by EM Forster

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  2. Hi FutureCat,

    Thanks for the heads up! I’ve modified the bar above the comments so that hopefully people can see that it’s not from us…

    Let me know if you think that’ll work!



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