I'm back!

The engineers signed off on our building on Friday afternoon, so I came in on Saturday and picked up everything off the floor and gave my office a good cleaning (with 11 weeks of accumulated dust plus a coating of plaster fragments for every aftershock it really needed it!), so I’m now sitting happily at my own computer at my own desk in my own office and actually able to get on with some work. Life is good 🙂

The walls are still full of cracks, waiting for the plasterers and painters to get round to our building (they’ve got a lot of work to do all over the campus, so it could be a few months before they reach us), but they’re not in structural walls, so who cares about the cosmetics – at least we’re back where we belong.

Remember that “big” crack I posted a picture of back in September? It’s grown a wee bit 🙂

I’ve optimistically righted all my fallen potplants and given them a good drink, but I’ll be amazed if they actually revive this time.

Right, time to get back to work!

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