From my travel journal: Tuesday 5 April, 10.26 am

Las Vegas

Yesterday was such a full day I don’t know where to start. I should really have written it up last night, but it was well after 1 am by the time I got to bed, and I just couldn’t stay awake long enough.

So, we left Ventura yesterday morning (wow, that seems such a long time ago!) and found the coastal road heading towards Los Angeles. The scenery was incredible – desert hills on one side of the road, the sparkling Pacific and sandy beaches on the other. And very expensive looking houses.

Oh, I forgot the most important bit. When we got in the car yesterday morning we were chattering excitedly about Las Vegas. Skyring, with perfectly straight face, said “Oh yeah, I’ve got some news about that,” then proceeded to fiddle about with his iPad. I was expecting him to say something like he’d worked out we wouldn’t have time to detour to Vegas after all. But suddenly a burst of music came out of the iPad, and Skyring began grinning wildly as the lyric “Can you guess where I’m calling from? The Las Vegas Hilton,” blared out. There were squeals of delight from half the car’s occupants, and groans from the other half (I think Skyring’s kids are too used to his sudden mad plans, and bad puns). He said he’d been online looking for a motel, and had found a super-cheap deal for rooms at the Hilton, cheaper than a motel would have been. How cool is that?

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