Sydney part 9 (the last bit)

Home now, and I’ve finally caught up on all my release notes, and the diary entries I wrote while I was there, so now I just have to write up the last bit.
Somewhere along the way on the Island Hopping we lost Edwardstreet and Edwardsister, who I think got sick of the rain. We did catch up with them again briefly at the Opera House, but then lost them again in the crowd. Edwardsister had given me her phone number, but either she’d given me the wrong number or I’d entered it into my phone wrong, because when I tried it, it turned out to be for a pest control company. Sherlockfan and MrFan didn’t have a phone with them either, so when I met up with KJH, Skyring and Discoverylover for dinner, we couldn’t contact any of them to let them know where we were. So the final dinner of the convention turned out to be a bit smaller than we’d planned.
It was a good night, though. We wandered around for a while in search of mythical pig-shaped buns for Discoverylover, but eventually settled on an RSL (the Australian version of an RSA). The food was nothing special, but the company was great. After dinner we parted reluctantly to go our separate ways, and the convention was over 🙁
Still, only 6 months until DC! 🙂
On Monday morning I packed up my bags and hired a locker for the day so I could wander around unencumbered. It was still a bit drizzly, but I still had books to release, and the city to explore, so I wasn’t going to let a bit of dampness stop me. I finally got to walk across the Harbour Bridge, and explored around The Rocks area, and had another look through the QVB, where they’d started putting up the Christmas decorations. Not as much fun wandering around on my own as it had been with friends, but it was still a good day, and a pleasant way to end my holiday.

The view from the bridge

Christmas decorations in the QVB
Got home to Christchurch just before midnight, totally shattered. That’s always the sign of a good holiday 🙂

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  1. A Vegemite flavored macaroon.

    Now I’ve heard everything…

    Sydney is stunning!

    Thanks for the pictures.

    Talked to our fearless leader and he is working on Hamipiks as we speak. Still moving it to new server.

  2. No thanks on the postage. I knew what I was getting myself into! 😉

    You shouldn’t have to pay for a gift!

    I hope you enjoy it.

    I’ll be mailing it out today or tomorrow.

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