Mystery solved?

Fuzzle solved at least part of the mystery of the спасибо-shouting woman. Apparently this is common in Russia – if a performance is particularly good, someone will start slow-clapping and shout out something about how good it was. Other members of the audience will then take up the clapping and add their own praises. It’s kind of the equivalent of a standing ovation. So if the woman was Russian, she probably was waiting for other people to join in, which is why she kept it going so long.

The real mystery now is why she was removed from the theatre. Even if the staff of the theatre didn’t know about this tradition, then surely it would have just taken a quick conversation of the “This is how we do it in Russia” “But it’s not what we do in NZ” variety to sort it out?

Fuzzle is now Ffuzzle, having been inducted into the world of bookcrossing (what, you thought she could stay in my house for more than 24 hours without becoming a bookcrosser? ;-)). Some inconsiderate person had already taken her preferred nickname, hence the “posh” double-F’ed version.

I took her into town yesterday to visit our new OBCZ, and she was suitably impressed. I was impressed too, because the shelf has obviously been getting a lot of use – quite a few books gone, and a lot of unregistered books on the shelf to replace them. So obviously people are getting the book exchange idea, even if not everyone is journalling the books.

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