Waiting (im)patiently

It’s 10.30 am. I should be at the airport welcoming Moem and Rubberchicken to New Zealand. They should be getting off the plane about now.

But obviously, I’m not (unless of course Christchurch airport has drastically improved their internet availability since last time I was there). That’s because I got a message last night from discoverylover, who’d just had a message from Phoenix-Flight, who’d just got a message from Rubberchicken (yeah, I was getting a bit confused by this stage too!) to say they had made it safely as far as Hong Kong, but their outward flight had been be delayed, which meant they’d probably miss their connection at Auckland. So we relayed back the message that Moem should call me once they’d landed at Auckland and knew what flight they’d be put on to Christchurch. (Oh yeah, and then I passed on the message to lytteltonwitch, just to make the chain even longer…)

So I’m sitting here with my phone on the desk beside me, just in case. Of course, I’ve got no idea how long they were delayed in Hong Kong, so it could be hours yet. Actually, I wonder if Auckland airport has an on-line arrivals board… [a bit of googling later] …yep, it does. Of course, I don’t actually know which airline they’re flying with, but there’s one flight from Hong Kong showing a rescheduling that’s now expected in at 12.45 pm. So it’ll probably be closer to 2 by the time they’re through customs and everything. So I probably don’t need to sit by the phone.

They are going to be SO tired by the time they finally get here!

Update, 11.45 am: They’ve made it to Auckland (so I’m obviously spectacularly bad at reading arrivals information), and are on the 12 noon flight to Christchurch (which doesn’t get in until 1.20, so I assume it must stop in Wellington or Rotorua, otherwise it’s a *very* slow plane!)

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