Assisted democracy

Do you know how difficult it is to take a picture of your own chest?

As I’m away for the next couple of weekends, I’ve declared this weekend to be a Weekend of Extreme Laziness. But of course, in order to do that, I first had to have a Morning of Extreme Busyness to get everything that needed done out of the way.

So this morning we dashed across the street to the polling station as soon as it opened, then killed several birds with one stone by going for a walk to deliver flyers for MrPloppy’s business, stopping off on the way to drop George’s sample into the vet, and go to Hands to get the embroidery cottons I needed (plus a few bits and pieces for the next project I’ll be working on). Oh, and pop into a garage sale we passed to buy a few books…

When we got home we finally got the accounts up to date for the business (something that’s been on the “must get round to it” list for months), and tidied up a few other bits and pieces of paperwork, and I was just about to settle down to a movie and some cross-stitch when the phone rang – my ESOL student asking for help voting.

So I put the laziness on hold for a little longer, and met her and her husband at the polling station. They moved house a while back, so their enrolment packs hadn’t quite caught up with them, but they were very keen to cast their first votes as New Zealand residents. So I explained the situation to the returning officer and helped them fill out the forms to cast special votes. They came out of the booths a few minutes later sporting their “Yes I’ve voted” stickers – two very proud new New Zealanders.

So I’m feeling like I’ve definitely done my patriotic duty today. Not only have I voted myself, but I’ve helped two other people to do the same.

But now, it’s definitely time for the laziness to commence.

Oh, and the good news: the vet rang, and there’s no crystals in George’s wee, so it’s probably a stress-related cystitis rather than something nastier. So we just have to watch his diet and try and keep the evil stray cat that keeps annoying him away.

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  1. Poor George, he must really be confused about your bizarre behaviour! Cystitis is so uncomfortable, hope he is feeling better soon.

    We also have a stray cat, a lovely little gray guy with white boots, who is wooing our little Sophie. She’s spayed, he doesn’t care! He drives our dog crazy in the middle of the night by sitting on our deck and declaring his love. Wish he’d find a new neighbourhood!

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