Moisture farming

We really know how to have an exciting Friday night in the FutureCat household. Like tonight, we spent the evening waiting for George to wee, and then sucking it up through a tube. Bet you don’t have that sort of fun in your house!

The reason for all this excitement is that George might have a bladder infection, but when the vet tried to get a urine sample, his bladder was empty (George’s, of course – I didn’t like to ask how the vet’s bladder was). So we were sent home with a bag of “Catrine” urine collection litter (I bet the marketing geniuses spent hours come up with that name), a pipette, a test-tube, and instructions to lock George in a room with his litter tray until he provided a sample. And we had to make sure we collected it while it was fresh, which meant we had to keep going in and examining his litter tray.

I can only imagine what was going through George’s mind: “Ok, so first the humans stick me in a cage and take me to see some evil guy who manipulates my bits and shoves a thermometer somewhere very undignified, then when they bring me home and I think I’m safe, they lock me in my room, and get all excited when I pee. And now they’re scratching around in my litter and sucking all the wee up. Humans are weird!”

Anyway, the sample’s safely stored away in the fridge to keep it fresh until tomorrow when we can drop it off to the vet, and George is unincarcerated (though still giving us funny looks).

And the latest cross-stitch update:

(The other job for tomorrow is go to Hands and get the floss colours I’ve run out of so I can fill in a few more of those gaps.)

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