11 April, 11 am, Perth International Airport

(Finally found a power point, so can upload this wee snippet I wrote in Perth)

How frustrating! For some reason the photos I uploaded this morning didn’t work, and I didn’t have time to go back and fix them. I thought I might be able to do something about them when I got to the airport, but the access here is incredibly frustrating – no wireless access that I can find, and the kiosks are even worse than the usual airport internet kiosk, because not only can I not plug in my memory stick to re-upload the photos, but it won’t even let me into Livejournal to explain the lack of photos, because when I tried it wouldn’t let me into the site, saying it was restricted because of content (what on earth has everyone on LJ been up to????)

So I’ve given up on the internet altogether, and am just typing this into my laptop for uploading later.

Anyway, I think I’d got as far this morning as our visit to the dry wetlands.

Bally on the ferry:

Looking back across the river at Perth:

It was nearly 3 pm by the time we caught the ferry back across the river, so we thought it was probably about time for lunch. With visions of foccacia, we found our way back to the sandwich bar, only to find it was closed 🙁 The enchiladas we had from another shop in the food court were very tasty, but they didn’t quite make up for the disappointment of missing out on those sandwiches.

[Slight interruption there, while I was interviewed by someone doing market research for Australian tourism. I was given a gift for my troubles, so Baby Bally has a new friend. Photo to follow…]

After our late lunch, we wandered through town again, looking for some bits and pieces Otakuu had forgotten. I found another ideal place to release a book, on a statue doing a handstand (check the journal entry for a photo), and then we came across a street doing its best to pretend it was in medieval England:

More later.

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