Ok, so that walk yesterday was even more successful than I thought! I not only got a second catch (Jackson’s Dilemma by Iris Murdoch), but MrPloppy got a job out of one of the flyers I delivered!

I still didn’t sleep particularly well, unfortunately 🙁 But at least everything else about the walk worked out.

I had a bookcrossing mini-meetup at lunchtime today. I discovered a while back that Waveweaver works for the same place as me, and we’ve been meaning for ages to get together. We finally managed it today, having lunch together. Had a great chat about bookcrossing, London, work, and people we know in common. Between us we managed to identify four other bookcrossers working there, so we’re going to see if we can get them along sometime for another lunchtime meetup – could be fun! None of us are “out” as bookcrossers at work, so it’ll have to be a secret meetup, though 🙂

Of course, our lunch today wouldn’t have been a meetup without some books, so I brought along Boy in the World by Niall Williams and Can’t You Bastards Read? by Mark Lynch, both of which Waveweaver eagerly claimed. I’ll have to see if I can tempt her along to one of our proper meetups with the promise of more books…

Currently reading: I Couldn’t Cry When Daddy Died by Iris Galey
Currently listening to: The Mammoth Hunters by Jean M Auel

65 sleeps to go!

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  1. I had to laugh about the title of the one about nuclear arms! If you enjoyed that you might try to find a series titled ‘The Book of Bunny Suicides’. I have the collection ‘A Box of Bunny Suicides’. They’re delightfully twisted!

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