NoNoNoNo Day 7

I think someone had a fireworks party in the park the other night:


One of the things I’m really enjoying about doing NoNoNoNo is all the playing with The Gimp I’ve been doing. Pretty much every photo I’ve posted has been photoshopped in some way – some just a bit of cropping or colour adjustment, some, like yesterday’s, with more drastic tweaking but still (hopefully) looking natural, and some like this where I’ve just been playing:


I’m learning all sorts of new techniques, and having fun doing it 😉

In other, non-nononono news, we had a meetup last night. Well sort of. Technically, it was a meetup, but as the only people who turned up were me and lytteltonwitch, so it was really just us two having dinner. But L brought along some cool books, so I’m not complaining 🙂

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