Three years later

Who says we never finish any projects around the house? A bit under three years ago, we decided to set up the spare room as a proper study/computer room, but at the time could only afford one proper desk. So my computer was put temporarily on an old table, with plans to replace it with a proper desk in a month or two.

Yep, you guessed it: three years later, and today we finally bought that second desk! We went to our favourite cheap furniture place, and amazingly they still had one of the desks we’d bought three years ago. It was looking pretty old and battered, and was hiding in the back of their second-hand department, but was exactly the right size and shape for the room, so we decided to get it anyway, thinking we could always re-paint it to tidy it up a bit. And anyway, it had been seriously marked down because of its condition, so it was definitely worth getting.

So later this afternoon it was delivered, and we set it up in the study. I gave it a good cleaning, and to my surprise, almost all the supposed scratches were actually just dirty marks. In the end it only had two small chips, both near the back where they wouldn’t be noticeable anyway, but was otherwise in perfect condition. So our cheap desk turned out to be even more of a bargain than we thought!

So now I’ve got a lovely new desk, which I spent the evening arranging nicely with all my bookcrossing supplies and other useful stuff:

Doesn’t it look nice and tidy? Of course, that could be something to do with the amount of stuff I dumped on MrPloppy’s desk…

Oops, better tidy that up, I suppose… 🙂

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