Our phone line died yesterday afternoon, so we were left without phone, and more importantly, without internet! (we have broadband, but it still uses the phone line to carry the signal) I hadn’t realised just how dependent I am on the internet until I was stuck without it last night – I kept wandering helplessly into the study to check my email, or google something, or…

Anyway, Telecom have promised they’ll have it fixed by this afternoon (I’m writing this at work, in case you were wondering how I’ve suddenly got internet access – I still can’t check my email though, because I forgot to make a note of the password to access it online), so all should be well by the time I get home tonight. I hope so – I couldn’t cope with a whole weekend with no internet!

We had another go at comet watching on Wednesday night, but with limited success. The sky was clear enough in the right direction when we left home, but by the time we got away from the lights of the city the clouds were building up again. We could just see the comet as the sky started to darken, but by the time it was dark enough that we would have been able to see it clearly, the clouds were covering it.

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