Bag report

The bags are finished at last!

Yesterday morning lytteltonwitch and otakuu arrived bearing sewing machines and copious supplies of food, and we spent a very constructive day sewing and ironing (otakuu is an ironing champion!) and chatting and eating. Sometimes it felt like we were doing more chatting than sewing 🙂 but slowly the piles of fabric pieces turned into piles of half-finished bags, and eventually into a lovely pile of completed bags. They’ve still got to have the logo put on them, but lytteltonwitch will do that in a couple of weeks once we’ve got a clearer idea of the numbers.

I’m so glad to finally have that task off my to-do list. Now I’ve just got to finish the last bit of tweaking on the quiz questions, burn a CD for the music section of the quiz (MrPloppy has been helping me with some suitably fiendish questions, so it’s going to be good!), put some finishing touches on my top secret goody-bag contribution, help lytteltonwitch with her even more top secret project, decide what stuff I can post up to Sherlockfan in advance or which I should carry with me, organise with my brother about dropping lytteltonwitch’s car off in Picton… oh, and register some books!

And there’s less than four weeks to go…

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