Busy, busy, busy

I’m really not doing well at keeping my diary up to date, am I? I just don’t seem to have had the time or energy lately… or possibly it’s just that I keep getting distracted by other things.

Anyway, been a busy week or so. The end of the year is fast approaching, which signals time for all those end of year parties. For work alone I’ve so far been to two Christmas lunches, and have another couple coming up – which would be good, but my workload hasn’t shown much sign of doing its usual summer slowdown yet, so all these distractions are making it hard to keep up. In fact, I even had to do some overtime on Saturday, just to make sure I manage to get one particular project finished before Christmas.

MrPloppy invited a few friends around for a games evening on Saturday night. Unfortunately, yet again several of them pulled out at the last minute, so it ended up being just us, T, and lytteltonwitch. We still had a nice evening, though, playing a seemingly endless game of Trivial Pursuit (I’d forgotten we’ve got the Australian edition, which meant many of the questions were about people and events none of us had ever heard of – we ended up invoking the “put overly Australian questions back in the box” rule, and even then we were still all getting sick of the game towards the end, when it seemed like nobody would ever get that last piece of pie to win).

Had a catch the other day for one of the books I released on our Mt Cook trip. The Plague Dogs, which I released in Ranfurly (yes, I know Ranfurly isn’t really near Mt Cook, but we had a bit of a detour – I really will finish writing up the trip soon) was caught in Queenstown – no idea how it got there, but at least it’s travelling.

Currently reading: The Light of Other Days by Arthur C Clarke and Stephen Baxter
Currently listening to: Clan of the Cave Bear by Jean M Auel

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  1. We have a "put overly Australian questions back in the box" rule, too. Every now and again there’s a disagreement over just *how* Australian a question is, but it generally helps.

    Ranfurly really does stretch the notion of a detour 🙂

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