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The misty drizzle of the last couple of days turned into heavy rain and a cold southerly yesterday afternoon, so it feels like winter has returned. It even looks a bit like winter, except instead of snow, the ground is covered in pink and white blossom blown off the trees.

Walking to work this morning would have been too unpleasant, so I took the bus, which turned out to be a good thing, because otherwise I wouldn’t have seen the notice on the bus saying that the drivers are having a stop-work meeting today at lunchtime. Normally that wouldn’t affect me, but I have to catch a bus into town this afternoon for an appointment, and if I hadn’t seen that notice the first I would have known that the buses weren’t running would have been when I was standing at the busstop wondering why the bus hadn’t turned up. At least now I can make other arrangements (luckily two different bus companies’ routes go near here, so I can just leave a little bit earlier and use the other one (the stop-work meeting only affects one company)).

I did still manage to continue my university releases this morning: Fat Is a Feminist Issue by Susie Orbach and The Women’s Room by Marilyn French in the Gender Studies department (I really should have left The Women’s Room *in* a women’s room, but I couldn’t find one on that floor), and The Lecherous Academician by Ling Mengchu in the stairwell between the English and Asian Languages departments. No catches yet, but the books I left earlier in the week have all disappeared, so at least they’re getting picked up.

One book that *did* get caught is The Governor by Keith Aberdein, which I released at the university way back in 2003. It was caught about a month later, by an anonymous finder, who said they were going to re-release it at the university. Now, three years later, it’s just been caught again, in Blenheim. Wonder where it’s been in the meantime?

Still currently reading The Newtonian Casino by Thomas A Bass, but mostly reading my Spanish textbook.

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