This has been a very strange day

It’s been a long week, made even longer by the fact that I had to stay late for one of those work social functions that aren’t compulsory, but somehow are almost impossible to get out of. But that’s ok, I’ve got the art down to a tee of staying the minimum amount of time to be seen to be there, but still to be able to get out as quickly as possible. About an hour is usually enough, and then you can sneak away without anyone noticing you’ve gone.

Or at least, that’s the theory. Except I got cornered by someone who wanted to talk to me, so I wasn’t able to escape discretely until they’d shifted their attention to someone else. And of course, by the time I did manage to sneak off, I’d missed my bus. And according to the magic “when is the next bus due” indicator board thingy, the next bus wasn’t for an hour (and I was in town, not at my usual workplace, so walking home wasn’t an option). So I had to wait… and wait… and wait… Finally, it got down to 2 minutes to go… and suddenly it flicked off, and reappeared saying “29 minutes”!!!!! It’s a good thing there wasn’t a representative of the bus company around at that moment, because I think I would have done some serious damage. Luckily, before I could start breaking things, it flicked back to “1 minute” again, and the bus arrived.

I got on the bus, settled into my seat, and about three blocks down the road the bus stopped, and the driver said we all had to get off and transfer to another bus! I was really starting to think I’d never get home at this rate. Actually, I wasn’t even heading home, because I’d told MrPloppy that seeing as I wasn’t sure what time I’d get home, I’d get off at the fish and chip shop (which is a couple of stops past our place) and get some chips for tea and walk back with them. So I stayed on the bus, peering out the window with wistful eyes as we passed home – and then the driver turned off all the lights inside the bus! I think I must have been sitting in his mirror’s blind spot or something, and he probably thought there weren’t any passengers left on board. It felt very lonely, though, like I’d been completely forgotten about (which I probably had been). I did manage to get off at the right stop, though… only to discover the fish and chip shop was shut! They’re normally open until about 9 on Fridays, but even though it was only just after 8, all was dark and shut. So I had to walk home empty-handed 🙁

Oh well, life did improve once I got home, at least. Seeing as the chips hadn’t happened, MrPloppy phoned and ordered a pizza, and for some reason they gave us a free large pizza to go with the small pizza we’d ordered (so guess what we’ll be having for lunch tomorrow? (and probably dinner as well)). And I did manage to get home in plenty of time to listen to the Bookcrossing update on BBC Radio Shropshire, which is always fun. And best of all, it’s finally the weekend, and I have absolutely no plans!!! I can sleep all weekend if I want! Or more likely, spend all weekend reading, which I haven’t had a lot of time to do lately.

Currently reading: The Cat Who Saw Stars by Lilian Jackson Braun

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  1. Grrr about the fish & chippie! I hope they had a good excuse.

    Buses are so convenient when they’re reliable. And so annoying when they let you down.

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