My first century

When I started this diary, part of the aim was to spread the Bookcrossing word a bit. And it looks like it’s working. One of the stats that is recorded on your Bookcrossing bookshelf, along with things like how many books you’ve registered and released, is your “tell-a-friend referrals” – the number of people (or distinct IP addresses, which is what it actually counts, I think) who’ve clicked on a referral link (like the ones above in this entry) to take them to Before I started this diary, I didn’t have any tell-a-friend referrals, because I don’t tend to use signature files in emails or forums, so this diary is the only place I have ever put referral links. But since I started this diary just over a year ago, there’s been a small but steady stream of people clicking on the links I’ve put in my diary, and my tell-a-friend referral stats have been slowly growing. And today when I went to my bookshelf to journal a book, I discovered that it now reads 100! So that’s a hundred people who’ve visited just because they read my diary!

Actually, what I’m most impressed by is the fact that that means that at least 100 people have actually read my diary!!! So hello to all those people I didn’t know about!

I finally got round to completing my entry in the Cat Journal this morning. The Cat Journal is a blank diary that libertine101 started – it’s travelling around cat-loving bookcrossers as a bookring, and each person who receives it fills in a few pages with tales and photos of their cats. I’ve had it for quite a while, so I was starting to feel a bit guilty about not passing it on quicker, but everything seemed to be conspiring to stop me printing off the photos I’d taken of the cats – the computer the photos were on wasn’t the one connected to the printer, and the network decided to stop working for some reason, and then once we got that fixed the printer was out of ink anyway… add to that a number of incidents of sheer forgetfulness, and I’m starting to look like a bookring hoarder 🙁 Anyway, I finally printed them off this morning, and wrote some appropriate accompanying text, so now I’ll be able to pass it on to the next bookring participant, KiwiWonder. And she’ll be at the NZBC Convention next month, so I’ll be able to hand it straight to her, instead of posting it up to Auckland.

Currently reading: Long Hot Summer by Barbara Anderson

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