You Vill Haf Fun!

On Saturday one of the local schools held a Community Fun Day (which MrPloppy reckons sounds like something that would be held in a totalitarian state: “Ve vill haf a community fun day and you vill haf fun! Zere vill be laughink and singink and enjoyment! You must haf fun now!”), and gwilk arranged to set up a Bookcrossing stall as a temporary OCZ. When I was down in Dunedin last weekend rarsberry and boreal had given me some books to bring back up for gwilk, and I wanted to contribute a few of my own as well, so I thought as I’d have to go to the Fun Day to drop off the books, I might as well volunteer to hang around and help out with the stall. And it did actually turn out to be a fun day – the weather was lovely, and we were kept busy explaining Bookcrossing to people, and reassuring them that yes, they could take a book, and no, they didn’t have to pay. We had a table piled high with books at the beginning of the Fun Day, and three hours later when it finished (it was more of a Fun Afternoon, really) we only had five books left – not bad going! I’ll add some photos later.

Here’s the list of books I added to the table (including the ones donated by boreal and rarsberry). Gwilk probably contributed about twice as many, plus JONES2 stopped by part way through the day and topped up the table with a few more.

A Daughter of the Nobility by Natasha Borovsky
Birds by Clara Hussong
A Season of Swans by Celeste De Blasis
A Third Ladybird Book of Nursery Rhymes
Andersen’s Fairy Tales by Hans Christian Andersen
Benjamin Goes To Hospital by Dr Tony Lipson
Beyond the Bus Stop by Delph Gay
Blondes End Up Dead by Bevis Winter
Boy in Bangladesh by Palle Peterson
Bright River Trilogy by Annie Greene
Crystal Cat by Velda Johnston
Deliciously Lean (recipe book)
Donne: Songs and Sonnets by AJ Smith
Girl With Green Eyes by Edna O’Brien
Australian Explorers by Carolyn R Stone
Herald of Joy by Pamela Belle
Hunters of the Animal World by Maurice Burton
I Heard the Owl Call My Name by Margaret Craven
Jessie Takes the Reins by Susan Saunders
Maggie by Lena Kennedy
My Big Book of Fairy Tales
New Arrivals by Jane Wynne Willson and Robert Ashby
None to Make You Cry by Denise Robertson
Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha by Roddy Doyle
Presto! Magic Treasure by Peter Lerangis and Jim Talbot
Shakespeare’s ‘Antony and Cleopatra’ by Robin Lee
Star Ka’at by Andre Norton
Take My Word For It by John Marsden
Tanglewood Tales by Nathaniel Hawthorne
Day of the Donkey Derby by Joan Fleming
The Disappearing TV Star by Emily Rodda
The Dream by HG Wells
British Trains by Maxwell Taylor
The Great TMT Cake Bake (recipe book)
The Grubby Fairy by Michael Guy
The Invitation by Catherine Cookson
The Moon is Down by John Steinbeck
The New Zealand Girl Guide Handbook
The Seed and the Sower by Laurens van der Post
They Missed the Bus by Terry McLean
Wild Wood by Jan Needle
Wise Child by Monica Furlong

No catches yet, but a lot of the people who took books seemed interested in the idea of Bookcrossing (there were some of course who just wanted a free book, but that’s ok too), so I’m hoping I get a few.

Currently reading: A Path Where No Man Thought: Nuclear Winter and the End of the Arms Race by Carl Sagan and Richard Turco (which gwilk brought along to the Fun Day, but somehow found itself in my bag instead of on the table – I’ve got no idea how that could have happened! 😉 )

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