Fun Day Fotos

[album 128913 021205fun1.jpg]
Gwilk with the groaning table full of books at the beginning of the afternoon.

[album 128913 021205fun2.jpg]
The “Free Books” sign shifted to a more sensible position. Having it hanging from the umbrella was wonderfully visible, except that the wind kept catching it, making the umbrella spin round, and occasionally hitting a “customer” in the face!

[album 128913 021205fun3.jpg]
The end of the day, and only a few books left on the table.

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One Comment

  1. RYC: My Love and I are rolling on the floor laughing. This is not meant as a criticism but a comic comment on the ironies of life…

    Did you realise you’d mis-spelt "mispelt"?

    Ok, it’s late, and perhaps I have just had too much to drink. It was just so funny – at the time. Considering you entered my entry thinking I had a mis-spelling of my own.

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