More Bookcrossers arrive

Rarsberry, Skyring, and Mrs Skyring arrived last night. The Skyrings are staying at a motel, but we invited them to have dinner at our place last night, and we had a really fun evening (We even got to try some of the new chilli-flavoured Tim Tams! (They were… um… interesting. I didn’t think they really tasted that much of chilli (although there was a burning sensation), but I couldn’t figure what exactly they *did* taste of.))

Skyring, of course, came laden with journals (he’s perfecting the art of the mass-written travel journal), including one special journal from Bookczuk. It’s supposed to be a book where you write yourself all sorts of life-affirming messages (it has pages starting with sentences like “I am special because…” that you’re supposed to complete), but already it’s been warped to bookcrossing purposes, with everyone using the sentence starters to write something bookcrossing related (I got “I should be satisfied if…” and wrote “… the NZBC Convention is a success – which it will be!”)

Got an email from Mundoo this morning, telling me she got told off by the Arts Centre management for sticking little Bookcrossing stickers on lamp-posts (in imitation of Charbono‘s efforts in Sydney). They’ve probably got a point, in that it’s a historic place, and a tourist attraction, but it was still pretty upsetting for her, so to avoid any more problems I’ve warned everyone to be a bit more discreet about their promotional efforts. The Arts Centre is too good a release location to want to upset the management!

Some good news, though – Cathietay has managed to get us a really good deal with Subway to provide sandwiches for the picnic on Sunday (we had originally planned to just get bread and salads and meats and things and have a proper picnic, but the weather is looking very doubtful (the forecast is for rain all weekend, but we’re still keeping our fingers crossed for some fine patches!), so she thought pre-made sandwiches would be more sensible).

And libragirl is going to go into Trattorie today and remove a boxful of books for us, that we can use as a mobile OCZ to make up for the fact that nobody will be able to visit Trattorie over the weekend. On Tuesday, I’ll take whatever’s in the box back to Trattorie and return it to the real OCZ.

Now, I really must get on with some work! (Though the temptation to spend the day on Bookcrossing-related matters is *very* strong – maybe I’ll just go and check the forums one more time in case there’s any questions about the convention I need to answer…)

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