Fishing for students

The new university year starts today, so it’s a perfect time to release books around the campus, while the students are still excited and enthusiastic and receptive to new ideas. I’m planning on trying to release at least one book a day on campus this week, in the hopes of catching a few new members for Bookcrossing. This morning I released Villette by Charlotte Brontë outside one of the Gender Studies seminar rooms, and A History of the United States: Volume Two: The Growth of the USA by RB Nye and JE Morpurgo in the History building. I don’t know if I’ve got enough suitable books to carry on with the themed releases all week, but I’ll certainly keep releasing something every day.

I’m carrying on with my own studies again this year (well, I will be assuming that my enrolment problems get sorted out – I gave up trying to enrol in the official enrolment week, but hopefully I’ll be able to sort everything out and finish enroling this week…) This semester I’m studying Historical Linguistics, which sounds like it’s going to be really interesting.

Currently reading: Death is Relative by Edward Phillips and Historical Linguistics: An Introduction by Lyle Campbell

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